hello readers…

Hello readers! Yes you guys trying to read this story.. Wondering who is this addressing you ? I am a character created by this crazy lady!Names Parthasarathy… If you tell this to anyone or call me that I will break your bones..

Call me Parth.

Ah how rude isn’t it? Thats me.. always.. if only this weirdo won’t try to reform me! I am tired of writers playing god! Deciding our life.. Who gave them the right? Well its my life and I have decided to rebel.. So here I am talking to you!

If you don’t like me.. scram! I will talk anyways… I wont waste much of your time.. I am busy too.. got some chicks to bum some beer to guzzle..

So here’s the story

Scene : Sunday Afternoon in a pub

Yes. I was sitting all by my own listening to death metal *yeah I can see her cluck her tongue*

So I was listening to music.. head banging.. and i see my Sardarji! *there she clucks again.. politically correct insipid gal!*

Mr S. was sitting alone too.. which was weird.. we r regulars u see.. Mr Over loud guffawing S. being quiet is rare.. n I was enjoying the fact.. but u see with 4-5 mugs under his bulging belt , he was bawling like a 4 year old kid.. *sigh*

“Jeez! I mean hasnt anyone told him how ugly he looks when he is crying?”

Having nothing better to do… I walked over to him to talk * it was boredom not goodwill will u stop ? *

Sorry readers, it was that damn pushy woman again.. trying to interfere! I mean who can ever confuse me for ‘do gooder two shoes’?!

So I walked over to him.. it didn’t take more than 5 min for me to understand what the issue was… Its nothing new… the age old story of married couple!

Every time he watches sports on TV * which is on every holiday* she wants him to spend some “quality time” or whatever that is.. when he doesnt, it starts the tirade of you dont love me anymore…

This time they had this huge fight where both said all kinda crap n now he is regretting it… Also is very hurt!

After 12 years of marriage one would expect things r better.. I mean the la di da lady must know if a bloke sticks around for so long he must be a sap at head.. or in love.. got to say for a woman to cry for him.. she has to be half mad… from his story she seemed that anyways!
Really the lady must b happy that he returns to her even after her wrinkles and all.. But if only wishes were horses!

i listened to him for 30 min. paid for his beer and yet he wont stop! I mean there is so much a guy can listen to.. even if you are bored! So I decided its high time I did something

Me: Sji, mere paas na ik kamaal ka idea hai ji bhabhi ko hamesha ke liye is shikayat se door rakhne ka

S: Oh chak de phatte, bata bata ki gal hai ?

Me: You got to follow everything i say okay ?

S: oye theek hai ji! If you can get ***preet stop complaining.. I sure will do it ji.. but wat is it ?

Me: See, all she wants is to be reassured that you love her. Just tell her that you love her but in a different way…

S: Oye isme ki nayi baat hai ? I keep telling her all the time! She never believes.. I dunno why she doesn’t! We had love marriage ji! Bhagake legaya uske gharse! If i don’t love her who does?

Me: Arre suno toh! You would say that in a different way!

S: What way ji ?

Me: I will go to her and set the stage.. you come after 15-20 min *whispers*

*I know you wanna know what it is.. but you got to wait 😛 :P*

S: I know my ***preet. She wont fall for this!

Me: Lagi shart ?

S: Oye theek hai.. lag gayi 1000-1000 ki.. meri wife ko mein nahi jaanunga kya ?

Me: Okay will do. Wait for me here.. I will be back by 30 min.

I reach his place….

Mrs. S was busy crying bucketfuls and gobbling up them chocolates. With an audience of neighbors commiserating… The moment I said I am Sji’s friend.. the neighbors gave such dirty looks as if I am his lover.. God! I was like stepping into the lions den literally.. And man it was 5 hours since they fought.. how much can this woman cry ?

I mean if i wasn’t a mutt head enough to suggest helping sardarji.. I would have video-taped it and sent it to them Guinness world records guys.. there has to be a record for this too.. am sure our Indian females wud top the list!

So back to the story. I told mrs S. I have something to tell her.. and I went ahead to tell her that Mr. S. might leave her then what will she do ? she can’t even go back home.. wudn’t she be wiser to make peace with Mr S.

Okay I agree this is not what I told Mr S. that I would be saying.. Do you see him agreeing? Ofcourse not!

But It was true.. mrs S had no where to go.. her kids were young she old and her family considers her dead! Someone had to make her see the light. But does she thanks me for it?

Whooping no!

She started crying bucketfuls again.. cursing him even more loudly..

And fate played its cards too! I mean what the heck!

Sardarji made his entry.. I was nearly toast.. Wondering how I escaped? Well it was coz of mrs S. she cried so much that everybody including him concentrated on her…

Well the rest of the story is comical to extreme. him saying he loves her.. and she is not old at all.. am a crazy old bachelor! * how dare he.. crazy bachelor is okay but old???* what the fuck…. things i listen to for friends…

And he continued that I wanted her for myself * god forbid! I wud choose to kill myself before that!* and thats why.. I actually lied..

This fanned the latent ego in the lady’s heart.. she decided to forgive him and he decided to spend quality time with her.. he had nearly lost her n learnt his lessons etc etc

And me?

Erm I was thrown out of the house forever banned.. and Mr S. is not supposed to visit the pub i visit.. on the positive side.. he got the rights to drink at home…

Any sane person would thank me.. if I hadn’t lied to him and her…

Ah well thats how the world is.. so.. am back to my pub world…

That And what about that bet money? he forgot that conveniently.. that Two-timing Troglodyte! Dunderheaded coconut!

Well I guess so here I am.. drowning my misadventures in beer….

Author’s note: The curses can be found here


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Deception- Prologue

I am 60 today. Not that it should matter in any way to the story… but well I am getting awarded achievement award from the President of India. I should be glad. I am not. I am psychologist. Par excellent in everyone’s opinion but me. Like every successful psychologist, I have a string of books in my name. I have done my duty by the society by helping police in many ways. I freelance for some NGO and counsel the abused kids and women. I should be happy. I am not. I feel incomplete. Thats why this story.
I wouldn’t have written this story, if it wasn’t for Myra. Myra my daughter… The one i love the most. The one i have done injustice to. That’s the reason,I am gonna put all the truth here. I hope she finds strength to forgive me. I did the best I could.
For the first time in my life…. the only time . I lost my objectivity. I got involved with the subject. She was Myra’s mother. Yes Myra is adopted.
I was soo happy back then. Had received my first award. Doing the work I loved and doing well. I know there is nothing much I could have done. The psychologist in me advices me to let go.. The woman in me can’t…
I have to do this.. before I receive my award I have to do this!


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Deception- Chapter 1

It was one of the most dismal morning! Like Bangalore is known for .. we had unexpected rains. The traffic jam that ensued had made me upset. I wanted to be home. No I wanted to be with Shlok. My love. and now my husband.

Finally 3 hours late, I reached Kanakpura road where she lived.

Akruti… The victim or the villain? In her case everything is so muddled. You cant help but love her charm..her humor.. her concern.. Such a warm host she was… Even while sporting a huge patch on her eye. she has this huge grin plastered on her face.

” Ah you are completely wet and late”, She said tongue in cheek.

” The traffic uff! I am sick of it!” , I replied rolling my eyes.

” Why don’t we sit in the kitchen? It is warm and I can make something for you. You must be hungry”

” Oh starving! ”

I sat on the dining table as she made coffee. Over coffee and yummy home made bhajiyas we started talking.

” Akruti. You know why I have come here don’t you?”

“Yes Dr Rao I know. You guys dont trust my words”

” You have an history with us and not all very good . This time it wont be easy. It will take hard evidence for you to convince me. This is the last time you know”

“Believe me I know. I have lived in the system all my life!”

” Mr Ranganathan is a very respected man. He is my counterpart you know. ” , He is a psychologist.

” As if I would forget that! Thats how we met you know. ”

The equanimity with which she took my words kind of surprised me. I put it to the fact that she wants to impress me. I decided to play along and said, “ Tell me about it”

“ He was such an handsome man. He still is”, she smiled.

I didn’t turn the recorder on. I wanted her to trust me first. We were quiet for some time.. it was as if she was dreaming.. remembering the past. I took the time to observe her properly.
It is very hard to tell much about her features as her eyes was swollen with a black eye, but her mouth was sensitive and with a pout that many would sell their soul to have. Slim and lithe she was still very beautiful. Long eyelashes and intelligent face that was live with good humor and fun.

She was wearing a very pleasing floral saree. And an apron tied to her waist. She looked like any other housewife happy in her life save her face.

“ So serious and so helpful”, she continued.

“ The first time I saw him I fell in love. He didnt want to love me.. but he couldnt resist me”, Still dreaming she started giggling.
“ I seduced him you know. And he drooled like a dog seeing a piece of juicy bone”, she guffawed.

I already started liking her. It became more like talking to a friend.. somewhere down the line we both forgot for what I have come until…..

“ You know he didnt want to marry me. He said I am not his type. He liked his ladies a bit servile and a lot dependant on him. That I am just too independent….” , she said

“ Bull!”, I was indignant! “ Why did you marry him? And how did it happen? “

“ I loved him. Even after all I have faced I still love him. We got married because he loves me. I told you.. I seduced him” she replied.

“ So how many kids do you have? “

Without knowing the bond that we had broke. And this always would be the tone of interview. Somehow we were back to the actual relationship.

“ Don’t you have it on file? “, she asked shortly.

“ Yes, I do. I want you to tell me though.”

“ 2. My boy is in 4th std and one girl. She is 7 years old.”

“ Where are they? “

“Both are in boarding school. We didnt want them to be affected by the issues we are facing.”

“ Whose decision was it?”

“ Ours. We decided it unanimously.”

“ Do children like it?”

“ They cannot decide what they want.”

I had antagonized her. I wanted to make amends but her husband came home. I was waiting for her to explain me off as her friend. I wanted to see fear, guilt and servitude that is common in most abused women.

I saw none of those. What I saw was a romantic union of two people so amazingly intune with each other.

They hugged smilingly thats when he noticed me. I saw a change in emotion here. I could see the man visibly closing up. He came to me formally with no smile and yet seemed warm.

“ Ah Dr Rao, pleased to meet you. Congratulations for your award”, he said as we shook hands. He had a firm grip.

“ Thank you. Didnt expect you to recognize me Dr Ranganathan.”

“ Call me Ananth. We all need to keep tabs about the competition don’t we?” He laughed.
“ Quite true”, I replied laughingly.

“ I hope you would stay for dinner”

“ Oh no. I have already taken too much of Akru’s time. I got to go.”

“ Please stay. It was fun”, Akriti said without any enthusiasm.

“ I insist. Lets have dinner in some restaurant. We have one nearby. The food is awesome you got to taste it”, he said.

Somehow I suddenly wanted to leave. I couldn’t possibly like both of them. They were a very likable and warm couple. I wondered what evilness lurked behind the man to hurt the wife he loves so much. Thats what interests me in my field. The complexity of human mind.

“ No some other time.” I replied. “ We will keep meeting for next few weeks. Why don’t we meet for lunch. I would like to ask you few questions” I was all business.

“ Sure. Anytime you would like.” he complied.

Soon I left their house with a very warm send off. Akriti even gifted me a casket of wine. I hadnt had fun for a long time. I even shared my life with her. She was so easy to talk to. I missed my girlfriends who had become busy with life kids n family.

Dr Ranganathan seemed to know what I was there but he didnt seem angry at all. Akriti was very friendly initially, but asking her more than what she wanted to say made her angry. I couldn’t peg both of them. I should be able to. I am a psychologist!

Soon I received Shlok’s call and I forgot all about them….

Chapter 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Prologue


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Beauty in the eyes of beholder


You have always been with beautiful girls all your life. You never had to run behind them. But you belong to me, such is your fate. You belong to me… this plain looking not charming at all girl, She said.

“Oh my charming bride, this is what I was looking for, this is what I chose. I wouldn’t want it in any other way”, I replied.

“My love, Embrace me”

” Gladly my dear”

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A bet – The last laugh!

P.S: I haven’t written a story for long.. how ever my darling friend Neeraja told me one of her funniest incident on which this story is developed upon.. For this I dedicate my story to my darling sweetheart!

It is a beautiful wintery morning. Birds chirping, flying over the rosy hued sky with golden sun yawning lustily and peeping .. taking its own time rising. A wonderful day for morning walk. Not chilly enough to make you want to curl inside your blanket and not hot enough to sweat.

Standing in the line since pre dawn, the last thing Radha noticed is the weather. She was here in Tirupathi to visit the Lord Balaji. Not that she is very religious. It would be hard to believe that this girl praying fervently right now had once declared emphatically that if god exists he is an asshole. Incidentally, this irony was lost on her.

Tall with shoulder length dark thick silky hair, she should turn many a shoulders. But awkward grace and innate shyness made her pile up the hair under a cap which she refuses to take out even in the heat being cooped up in an narrow corridor; made her inconspicuous. A lil on the plump side she fights a daily losing battle with weight gain. Nondescript but regular features which on first look looks plain however gives a certain impish beauty to her face. We can say her beauty grows on you. Wearing a very unconventional attire for the temple visit- jeans and tee shirt thats 2 size too big for her , we could say that no one would bother to give her a second glance.

Please god let him love me. I may not get such a tall man in my life again. He even has mustache! My dream man! I know I have been very disrespectful of you but I will make it up by intense religiousness all my life. Will do a big aarti for you. They say repentance is always accepted. Kindly accept mine.”

Radha was busy praying since she started to stand in the queue. Queue that seemed endless and yet she wouldn’t stop praying.

As the time passed most people lost their devoutness and started cracking jokes and chat with each other to pass time but not Radha. She was on a mission. Like everything else that she did in her life, Radha prayed with a doggedness that would have defeated most.

After 3 hours in the queue she finally reached near the inner sanctum of lord Balaji. She prayed,

Please god give me some signal that you hear me! make something fall! Make Ronit love me. I know he is debonair.. he is handsome he is sexy.. please god.. I love him a lot. If you feel he can love me.. show me an indication.. make something fall! Please god. I wouldnot ask anything from you ever again! please!”

After offering her fleeting prayer she stared at god beseechingly.. willing for some flower to fall. Thats when there was a huge commotion in the back.

Apparently, someone had fallen down. And even in god’s own home ppl cannot let go their ego.. or their anger and end up fighting with each other loudly. Radha’s mouth curled into a smile on its own. She couldn’t help but laugh at god’s wry humor 🙂

It took all of her presence of mind and stamina for Radha to reach out of the temple avoiding the pushing angry and unruly devotees. *smirks*

” Can’t you have a better meeting place? ” Radha quipped as she looked up towards the open sky.

She was again at odds with God. He had given her a signal alright. As they say, better know what you are asking. The signal was as vague as confusing as it can get. Radha was yet clueless if god gave a positive or negative signal.

As she stood in the hot sun in the mid morning, all Radha could think was the bus.. and her home and AC. Two hours hence, the bus was no where in sight. Radha worked in an call center and had her shift by 5:30 in the evening and it was 12:00 pm. It was 5 hours of travel. Radha sighed. She will be late again. And all the effort she took was futile!

Ronit would still go to the party with Smruti the sexy sophisticated beautiful bitch!! Things couldn’t have been worser. Radha’s boss hated her for being the only girl in the team and a plain looking woman. Not only that, She was more competent with all the team put together. He is bound to use this chance to its fullest to be rude to her. As usual no one will interfere not even she herself. She has long given up the idea of fighting for injustice, she knows it doesnt help at all and it spoils the future. Its better to listen and forget…..

Please god! I know you have a very nasty sense of humor. But i need to reach office on time! Lets have a bet. I am challenging you to make me reach office on time. I say its nearly impossible! If I reach office on time.. I accept for ever that you exist and that Ronit is mine.. or else I forever renounce you. So you better show some of your power and make me reach office on time.”

Predictably, the bus arrives. And its surprisingly fast and com[letely empty. Radha sends an thank you message to god and keeps her fingers crossed. They reached the city in record time! It was just shy of 5:10 pm when the bus reached the bus stand.

And one more miracle, Radha got a cab to her office as soon as she got down.

Thank you lord. Thanks for being there for me. I know i never accepted that you existed. But now I am a convert. Thank you.”

Radha believed that today stars would change and Ronit will notice her. She starts sprucing herself in the cab itself. Suddenly the cab stops. The wristwatch shows that its 5:20 pm. She is not concerned. They are near her office.

She asks the driver, ” Bhaiyya kya hua?” * What happened? *

” Malum nahi memsaab. Check karna padega.” *donno got to check*

” Der lagega kya.” * will it take time? *

“Ab kya batau.. pata nahi. Ek kaam kijiye aap dusra cab le lijiye”
What can i say? I donno. Please take a different cab.*

” Ab office door nahi hai.. Agar der nahi hoga toh mein rukh sakti hoon”
My office is not far. I can wait if it wont take time*

” Jaisi aapki marzi memsaab. 10-15 min lagenge atleast”
As you wish maam. Wil take 10- 15 min atleast*

“Fir mein chalti hun. Kitna hua?” * Then I will leave. Whats the fare? *

Aap rehne dijiye” *Let it be*

She could not believe her ears. A cab driver refusing fare?? !!! She became sure that miracles do happen and its happening to her!.

She saw that its 5:25 pm already and started to run. She will be sweaty and completely messy. Sleepless night and constant travel will show.. But she didn’t care. Things are going to be just fine.

Surprisingly, she reached on time. Got lift on time. Radha quickly thanked god again.
As soon as she reached her bay she saw no one was around. When she asked a guy from opposite bay she realized everyone is congregated in the conference room.

She quickly reached the conference room and opened the door.

Friends we are here to celebrate engagement of our very own Casanova. Yes ladies, Ronit is no longer free. He is engaged to none other than Smruti!!”

” Lets have a toast to their happy life together”

To avoid the roaring congratulations and excited back patting, Radha closed the door quietly.


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A love letter


Would u understand it?? how can you? I myself am not understanding it!!

I want more from life.. for long i was thankful for what life gave me and yet wasnt happy.. and today.. yesterday tomorrow everything seems wonderful.. coz i want more.. I want more from myself from life from everyone…

I have never given myself a chance to expect and yet i wasnt satisfied.. Today I expect a lot and yet i am happy 🙂

I have become a bit needy a bit desperate.. but i am still happy .. I want more…

Do you undertsand it? Would you give more?

Coz i want more.. I wanna give more take more 🙂

Here i sit with this beautiful song singing in the back ground… fresh air which still has scents of yesterdays rain… its cold… very cold.. and yet I think of you… Do u understand y i do it?

I sometimes feel i am being stupid.. but the same recklessness is here.. to overtake… to take control… but is it taking control or am i losing it?

Do you know? Coz I dont..

I check the email 10 times a day… and still wait for it.. do u know for what?? and then.. when i think it wont b there.. there it is.. delighting me.. i wonder y i am not angry for the delay.. why i am just happy.. it refuses to reply…

My inner voice says… listen to the silence.. what does it say? I donnot know.. All I know it things r just the same and yet its new…

Or may b what changed in my perspective.. but do u know? can u feel it too?

With loads of love,

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Last excerpts of a dairy of lady out of love….

Its over! everythings over! That cad! I will never see his face again. He broke my heart.. and my pride. How much I trusted him.. and now ..

I opened my heart my soul and now i have nothing to hold on to..

My dreams my pride my confidence.. MY LIFE… everything is in shambles. How could I have been so blind? how can I trust so much?

Oh how will i handle this pain.. this pain that blinds my eyes deafens my ears and yet an yet my heart screams.. screams in the emptiness.. emptiness that engulfs me.. chaotic and yet silent…

I am just hanging there… On the very edge of sanity and insanity I find myself.. I dunno whether to laugh or to cry…

Never again will i ever trust anyone.. never again.. the guy who made me feel woman again has insulted my womanhood so completely that I myself do not know what I am anymore.. or what he was!

How can a person be in love and so cruel? Many say you were lucky to be saved.. What is saved is just a corpse an incubus… the undead.. wouldnt it be better if i wasnt alive?….

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