Deception – Chapter 4

They say when things are supposed to go wrong, they just do. And how! We spent ages fighting to get permission to hypnotize Akriti and in the end, it was not needed at all. If left to myself, I would have interviewed many people and would have taken my own time solving the case. This was not to be.

Office politics, insistence from Akriti and opposition from her husband and my own personal dynamics seems to have affected it in parts. And yet, I cannot blame any of these reasons. It was fate that betrayed me.

The things happened so fast that I didnt have time to think to ponder. My decisions were rushed, overhauled and in effect made redundant by the turn of events.

I was planning to interview one other client of Dr. Ananth that day. We had an appointment by 5 in the evening. All day, I was busy formulating the questions. Reading and re-reading my notes. I knew I don’t have much time. Thats when the phone started ringing.

I decided that I would let the voice mail pick it up. Akriti’s voice filled with fear floated through the room and I rushed to the phone. She said, ” My husband is trying to kill me! please come fast!” .
She was crying inconsolably and then the phone got cut.

I ran to the car rushing through the traffic breaking the rules and reached her house. But it was too late.

I found Ananth holding the knife dripping with blood. As if in a daze, he simply sat by his wife’s dead body .

Before I could talk to him and find out what happened the local police took over the control. By the time I met him he was too deep into the shock and hid behind the stolid silence. Not that anyone really tried to get the truth from him. The evidences, the foot prints, the finger prints and all those complaints damned him .

I had tried many times to get to him but he never agreed to see me. I had failed him. Failed them and he would have nothing to do with me.

Still, I couldn’t keep myself away and I went to his execution. They had decided he should be hanged. His last words to me was “Take care of Myra for me” and his eyes, his eloquent eyes damned me like words can never do!


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One response to “Deception – Chapter 4

  1. Is this the end of tht story?????
    But nothing is explained as to why, what, how…u knw wht I mean?????

    “his eyes, his eloquent eyes damned me like words can never do!”


    Me: No this is not the end. It is not even complete! I have to work on it yet dear 🙂 Possibly one final chapter 🙂

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