A love story – a sneak preview!

A love Story- Prologue

I got down at Karjat station. Hustling and bustling, the station was far cry from what it was in 2005 when Soumya left the college, Konkan gyanpeeth college of engg, fondly called as King George college of engg by the students. I wonder how it was when Soumya first met Aryan. Its hard to imagine that they were friends all through their college life, never felt any attraction and eventually met down the road of life to fall in love. Destiny. It has a different style of operation.

Aryan’s Journey To Mumbai

Aryan was being nostalgic. He was trying to remember Soumya that was, some 15 years ago when he was irritated by the puppy crush of a gal who was thin mousy and nerdy!! Being a butt of countless jokes, he avoided her like a plague. But years down the line, when he met her again, online, things changed.

During those lonesome nights, initially, when Prachi left, he hardly knew what to do with the time he had. Sleep was hard to come and every gesture reminded him of what he lost.. To run away from reality he had hit the online bandwagon of lifeless n lost souls. Every day was the same. The same stories only the faces change. Saga of hurt and betrayal and sorrow. However, he had struck gold. He met Soumya.


“Oww I am sorry to miss picking you up! I should have come. Damn the meeting! “, Soumya wailed down the phone.

Aryan laughed into the phone, “That’s okay. We are meeting tomorrow anyways.”

“ I am sorry sweets, no go. The goddamn project! I can meet you on day after”

“ Hey thats okay. I understand. Work rules us.” he replied. Deflated and a bit sad.

“ Oww how sweet. I will hug you for that”

He laughs, “Waiting for that”

“Okay then, bye.”


The First Meeting

Sea and rocks have been a havan for lovers since long. The clashing of waves on to the rocks have sparked many a passion. It has witnessed many moans and drowned it in its overpowering roars. It has secrets untold if only you listen. On such an beautiful evening, in throes of love, Soumya was waiting for Aryan. Dreaming and apprehensive. After all those years of waiting, finally Aryan can be hers. She was terrified that he wouldn’t. Then what would be left for her? Only fact that Aryan will still be hers kept her going. The wobbly and clumsy gal is long gone, buried below the layer of sophistication. It wasn’t easily achieved. We won’t talk about the endless years of pain and humiliation and despair. That is best left in the past. Right now, I would like you to imagine a lady in love. Anticipating her lover any minute. The sweet and shy smile needs to be seen to know. I am sure the observant of your lot would agree how invaluable that smile is……

A Day out in Essel world.

Soumya reached the flat. She saw the door was open and there was a lot of commotion. Evidently Pinky was being naughty. It warmed her heart. She entered to see Pinky sitting on the window and Aryan feeding her. Something clutched in heart. She knew at that moment she will kill for these two people if needed. She realised she was in love with Pinky just like that.
Finally, Pinky saw her and she ran to her and hugged her tight!
‘ What aunty you are late!” Pinky complained.
“Thank god that I atleast came”, Soumya retorted and kissed Pinky..

A night to remember.

Their eyes met for the first time in the kitchen. Aryan could see desire in her. But was that love? He was not sophisticated enough to screw and forget….
Soumya knew he wanted him. But the romantic heart wanted to be wooed.. she wanted him to make the first move!
And then she lowered her eyes, took a sip and lowered the cup. The cup fell with a thud as Aryan tried to catch it…At the same time soumya reached for it. Their hands met once again.
Later when she looked back Soumya wasnt sure who started it but they shared a kiss. Lip to lip. There are no words to describe the feelings the pleasure.. It was a kiss of love and that should suffice.
In that brief moment, Aryan went to heaven and came back. It was never like this not even with Prachi in their best of the days.. Surely she loves him??

After the fight – Part I

Aryan was trying hard to keep that fake smile pasted for his daughter et al. He didn’t realize until these last few days how much he had fallen for Soumya. How deep his attachment was. He cannot imagine how he will go back and live like nothing happened. But leave he did.

Its been a month since he left Mumbai. Her thoughts , her face kept haunting him. He couldn’t stay awake and he couldn’t sleep. His dream was all about her.. kissing her.. just being with her.
Where ever he went, whatever he did reminded him of her. He had never realized how much entrenched she was in his life… he used to wake up to her voice and sleep to that too and in between too he would get her sms, offliners etc etc.. She knew more about him then anyone else.. she was there when he needed someone and he had hurt her..

After the fight Part II

They say man proposes god disposes. And how much ever we want, we cannot change whats meant to be. Soumya and Aryan had so many dreams for each other. Some they saw together and some alone. They were sure that nothing can go wrong but god had decided some different things for them.

The next few days after the incident, Soumya didn’t know how she survived. She was morose and sick, not physically but deep within.. inside her heart. All she ever wanted was to run to Aryan… She couldn’t believe they acted this childishly. They evidently still have too much of emotional baggage.. She realized though that it seems hard right now, she cannot live without Aryan anymore..

They meet again

And there she was like a goddess.. and pastel pink chudidhar.. whats commonly called as lucknowi wading through the soft toy section. He thought of ducking and hiding but she had seen him.. and there was a tremulous smile on her face.. a naked vulnerability and there was pleasure too. He started towards her and Pinky rushed towards her and hugged her tightly.

The Love returns : Coming soon!



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17 responses to “A love story – a sneak preview!

  1. Voice

    Good. But no good.

    I know you will not continue with this story like others.

    This is indeed your worst trait 😀
    “I dont complete what I start”

    Take it as challenge. It is easier to create interest. It is difficult to finish interestingly.

  2. Chriz

    many links and gud tabs work… first time here… worth the visit.. cheers

  3. Winnie the poohi

    Ah bhav your reverse psychology wont work.. they will be completed and you shall see 😀

    Chris welcome here 🙂

    And thank you!

  4. deepteshpoetry

    I loved it!!1Do chk out my new poem on V-Day.Hope u remember me….

  5. Sriram

    Hi friend.. Interesting post.. keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. take care mate.. Cheers!!!

  6. Varunavi

    Hi 1st timer to ur blog,liked the way u told the story,enjoyed reading it

  7. Biju Mathews

    You are a very good story teller!! Write the continuation soon…

    Keep Blogging!

  8. Maald

    For those not ready to turn LOOSE

    Mothers Against ‘Loosers’


  9. Anand

    Ur words fall precise.. let's see if more is in store..
    Ill visit u again to hv a looksee.

  10. future mantra

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  11. future mantra

    Nice blog buddy. Hey, check out this new website. http://www.indianewsupdates.com. It looks cool. What do you think?

  12. Arnab Majumdar

    Interesting start to the story, but where’s the rest of it? Just so you know, I’m very curious, and once you tug at my curiousity, I don’t have much patience 🙂

    Kiddin’… looking forward to the rest of the story. Cheers…

  13. Rajesh

    First time on your blog.

    Nicely done.

  14. First time here..good attempt..will b back for the next part!

  15. Hey story was realy gr8t continue it

  16. nikita

    i love with story about love………

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